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Sunday, October 31, 2010
Hi dearest babes and dudes!


Really appreciates those of you who still reads this blog of mine...

Finally, I have decided to move on to another blogging platform which IMHO, is so much faster and efficient!

Definitely x 1000000 will not be deleting this blog which I have started with way back in 2004. Forms so much of my teenager life etc... :)

However, for updates, it is time to relink! ;)


to continue to be part of my life (say until very serious like that hor? HA! but yeah, I know you guys do get what I mean! Hehehehe) See ya there!


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Thursday, October 21, 2010
20.10.2010 - A Special Day Indeed
I was just tweeting this (below) as one of the tweets on 20.10.2010 -

"20th Oct'10. Wonders if there would be a lot o newly weds on this dae. Ha. Happy birthdae Germaine!"

Surely, as mentioned in news, it was a day where there are a lot of newly weds...

but it is also a special day for me!!!!

Finally, after a long long long wait, I got my I phone 4!!!! :D:D

Currently still waiting for the data plan to be activated. By tmr, I was told!

Well, the main purpose of this post is to...


Reallyyyyy feel that this gift serves its purpose well! Cos I ended up paying just a lil... :))

so once again, thank you Ken, GX, Rina, Zixiu, Irene, N266 and even my sis!!



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Monday, October 18, 2010
gosh! another 15 days have passed just like that.

yesyes, my taiwan trip post is still in the progress :S

will post it up soon! and my 21st celebrations with dearest frds as well...


just some quick random updates!!!

-it was my last day at work on 11.10.10... 1 year contract is up and i decided not to renew as i have decided to study full time!

I wouldn't exactly say that this 1 year of work is an easy journey as i was required to pass the 'BCP' and 'PGI' papers (yeah, must re-take till i pass -.-), and the stress that was on me on the different kinda insurance products. Working in a call centre, everything is recorded. so i gotta make sure that i do advise customers the right thing. Otherwise, hurhurhur... (ok, let's don't go into this direction!! :P)

On the other hand, i had wonderful colleagues! Esp Arvin, Azreen, Nadzirah, Alvin, Ivy, Paul, etc... they were the ones who makes work something to look forward to! Definitely would want to meet them up for lunch some day...

;super not used to it at first as my spending power is back to that of a student. :( boooohoooo... really can feel the difference!!! but i reckon i just gotta save more during this period of 'upgrading'!!! Furthering my studies at Tourism Management Institute of Singapore (TMIS), in diploma in Tourism (Hospitality Management). upon completing this course, i would be bonded 6 months in the Tourism industry. and yeah, my desire/goal is to go into this direction for my future career... :)

-just completed watching 'Personal Taste'! Like finally. Planning to watch other drama series soon!! heh heh...

-at the same time, planning to be equipped with Photoshop skills!!! Seeing how Ken do incredibly nice and awesome card makes me feel irritated. HAHA! so yeahhhhhhh!

-iphone 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cannot wait. hopefully the OOS thingy would be goneee! Looking forward to join the i phone 4 clan!! :)

-now that i am more freed up, i am *planning* of going back to blogging regularly!! Personally don't really like to post up outdated post too often. thats probably why i ended up not blogging for long. hahaha...

-wanna plan my schedule effectively as well! meet more friends, etc...


I pray that this period of time would be one which will be fruitful. I want to always hold on to the basics and to love the Lord more and more each day. :) WOOHOOO! Life's exciting! I am exciteddddd!

To end this post...

share with you guys this quite long ago song by Leo Ku!




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Sunday, October 03, 2010


this blog is still alive!

i have a lot to blog and share about!

stay tuned and look forward frds! :D



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Monday, September 13, 2010
My 21st Birthdae Celebration
Yeahness! My beloved Attributes Family advance celebrated my birthdae and they were the first! :)

The dae started off with the yummy sushi Jeffery treated us to...

YUMS!!! esp the corn one... AWW..

Heehee you can see how nice was it by their expressions! :)

Then everything was as per normal until the time of debrief came...

She is Yin Xia! Her birthdae is just two days after mine!

candid moment!

listening to her share her wishes for the coming year! :D

then it was the presenting of gifts! She is Cindy, my dearest Cashier IC!
gosh looking very cui aft the whole day. haha :S

and hers!


I joined the Attributes (AKA Bookstore) for 8ish years already. Still remember I was just a young lil girl in Sec 1! OMG... hahaha. really learned a lot of priceless lessons in this place, and many friendship are built as well! Thank you for everything, dearest everyone! :)

so, this, is my first 21st birthdae celebration... :)


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Friday, September 10, 2010
Happy 21st birthdae YANG XIAO YONG!

Had CGM at Jian Feng's house and we traveled down to 'Game Haven' at Clarke Quay! (its actually a place where people would play lan at...) Ken booked a room in advanced and after buying all the titbits, drinks etc, we went down to the place! And in this room, what we did was to play WII! so fun! Minus the fact that irritating TGX keeps disturbing me. HAHA!

it turned 12AM... and it was MR YXY's 21st!

We were all so glad that he was able to celebrate his birthdae not in camp as it is the public holiday!

Shall post up pic soon. :)



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Monday, September 06, 2010
Twenty First
Aloha!!! here goes!! (HEHEHE X 100000)

1) IPHONE 4!!!

i am currently using Starhub plan and it is up for renewal very soon. (2 years past by like this! :)). Thinking of switching over to Singtel. so Starhub Vouchers would be good... :D:D


2) Braces!!!

hehe this one i just put 'shuang' one... i will sponsor myself after getting the one month pay bonus in Oct to Nov!!! Have been wishing for nicer rows of teeth for the longest time!! Altho might be painful, i am exciteddddddd for it! Yahoo! Hehe...


3) Vouchers!!!

-Mango (as in the boutique and not the food court voucher to unlimited MANGO! hahaa!! ok, not funneh... :P)

-Capitaland (so many shops under this organization... love it!!)

4) Bags!!!

Seriously in need of a 'working' bag and a bigger 'leisure' (not sport kinds :P) kinda of bag! Black color is always the best choice for me. :D No white. :P

5) Jackets!!!

Looking for black rock and roll jacket and even sweater (any dark color). :)

i will stop abruptly here, and will edit this post as and when i have stuffs on mind! so do check it out! (ahem ahem v bhb right! hahaa)

i have a feeling, that this 21st is gonna be a great great one, this 21st is gonna be a great great one!!!! :D:D:D



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